San Carlos, Mexico

This chilly weather in Boston is never-ending. At first, I thought spring had finally arrived when the city warmed up last week, but now, it’s like the Weather gods said, “Gotcha!” It’s currently 40 degrees here in the city, when it should be 60… why?! I decided to think back to sunnier days when P and … Continue reading San Carlos, Mexico

Wedding Bliss and Mexico!

P and I love to travel. During our four and half years of dating, we traveled all around the world from our first vacation in Puerto Rico to Europe, and we never plan to stop traveling. So, I couldn’t believe that we had originally planned NOT to go on a honeymoon right after our wedding. So glad that we changed our plans! After a stressful year of planning a wedding and playing florist and wedding coordinator on our wedding day, I needed a break. Despite a few mishaps (i.e. frozen bouquets and pouring rain all morning and afternoon on the day of our wedding), I was blissfully married to my best friend in an intimate wedding ceremony in Sonoma, California, surrounded by our closest friends and family. It was perfect. Continue reading Wedding Bliss and Mexico!