Weekend in Seattle

Phil and I try to take advantage of 3 day weekends, so for the 4th of July long weekend, we traveled up north to Seattle to visit my cousins, Susie and Allen and their families. Despite the large age gap between all the cousins, I noticed that as we all get older, it becomes easier and easier to connect with each … Continue reading Weekend in Seattle

Italy III: Firenze

After a weekend in Cinque Terre, we called Florence home for the next 6 days. We wanted to root ourselves in one city to really appreciate everything it had to offer. We had planned a one day trip to the Tuscan countryside, but the rest of our time was going to be exploring every nook and cranny of beautiful Florence. … Continue reading Italy III: Firenze

Thailand IV: Chiang Mai

I was most excited for Chiang Mai, and intentionally put our visit at the end of our Thailand trip. Some people really love Chiang Mai while others prefer the coastal cities. P and I fell into the first category. We absolutely loved Chiang Mai! It is the most culturally significant city in Northern Thailand, the weather is ten degrees cooler than Phuket, … Continue reading Thailand IV: Chiang Mai